11 + 12 APRIL 2019

On 10 and 11 April 2019, APMP The Netherlands will organize a lustrum congress in honor of the 15th anniversary of APMP The Netherlands.

Theme: "Winning through collaboration and innovation".

This theme is reflected throughout the event and fits in seamlessly with the mission of APMP to increase and improve professionalism and knowledge about the field.

The congress is expected to consist of two parts:

  • A festive dinner will be organized on Wednesday evening 10 April 2019
  • Thursday 11 April 2019 a day-conference with top-speakers.

For the first time, bid and tender colleagues, business development, (government) procurement and legal specialists, directors and politicians from the Netherlands and abroad have been invited to talk about the profession in the broadest sense in order to share and expand each other's knowledge.

Participants have every opportunity to network, discuss new collaborations and discover the latest developments in various fields.

This is expected to be the leading knowledge and network event of 2019 in the field of bid, tender and proposal management!


Dinner is not only meant to be cozy together and celebrate the anniversary with paying and invited participants, but also to give the professional field and APMP NL a professional boost in our language area. One of the components of this is an award ceremony to the best bid manager and the best bid team in our 2018 language area. We want to start an annual tradition to promote the further development and professionalization of the field.

In addition, we want to issue the corresponding certificate to newly certified professionals.


The congress is the second part of the two-day event. Through prominent speakers from all disciplines that are essential for our field, such as bid and tender management, European tendering, public administration, politics, sales and marketing and procurement, we build on increasing and consolidating the knowledge about how to win through excellent and innovative bid and tender management. Interdisciplinary cooperation and constant striving for renewal of our field of expertise is central to this.

Paper competition

A paper competition is written around the theme:

"Consider critically a striking innovative development in the field of bid and tender management

The aim is to stimulate innovation and professionalization of the field. An expert and discrete jury will determine the winner. The winner will be given the opportunity to present his or her paper in one of the workshops and to discuss this with the participants. The intention is that this will be an annual activity of APMP NL. The paper can be added to the Body of Knowledge with proven quality or offered to the APMP Journal.


International participants and speakers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and the United States are invited. This will further strengthen the international character of APMP NL and improve cooperation with foreign colleagues. The language of the event will also be English and Dutch. All communication messages are bilingual (GB / NL).

Meeting people

A central meeting space is filled with stands of trade-related organizations, standing tables, possibility of eating and drinking something. There can be walked around, networked and exchanged in smaller or larger context. The chosen location offers all possibilities for this. Of course, you can also become a member of APMP!